Monday, December 11, 2006

Just A Sign of Life

Ok, for the past (over) a month, I've been checking my blog every day, feeling my heart break as I see people saying "Where are you?" and "It's time for another post" on my comments board. And so, I just wanted to let you know that I'm out there, that I will post within a week, and a that I will NEVER be gone this long again. I've had school applications and a million other things going on, so just bear with me, hunny buns. I'll be back soon.
Guadalahara, guadalahoo, I...Love...You :0)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Most Gorgeous Fashion Spread Ever!!!

Ok, so by now you and I (whoever you are) have gotten used to the fact that I will only be able to post like every two weeks. Sad as that is, it's not so bad because now it's time for me to talk about the best fashion spread I have ever seen. For those of you who don't read Elle (a magazine to which I now feel obligated to subscribe), their fashion spread "At First Light" featured the best makeup, hair, and clothes styling of any photo shoot I have ever seen.
This tiered strapless Valentino dress is so gorgeous. Simple, bright...pair that with ruffles and I think we have a winner!!! If you're lucky enough to live in New York and have enough money to even consider buying Valentino anything, stop by their boutique at 747 Madison Avenue before somone else scoops it up. Just one note: it's price upon request.
Next we have the most perfect babydoll dress...ever!!! If you have the legs it takes to get away with wearing this, you're already my idol. Unfortunately this dress is even more unattainable than the first...Balmain's flagship store is in, you guessed it, Paris. Look them up on the internet if you like. Hopefully you'll have more success than me.
Last but not least, this dress is so elegant and yet, you could wear it to the beach (if you happened to be at the most expensive party ever!). This is a surprising variation by Vera Wang on her usual contrast of gold and blues/purples. Although this dress actually falls into a price range ($450), you'll have to go to Ultimo in Chicago if you want to get it. Sorry!
To credit the people who worked on this fabulous spread, here are their names and websites:
1) Makeup Stylist-Thierry Maudit-You have to click on "MAKEUP", and then you'll find him
2) Hair Stylist-Bruno Silvani
3) Clothing Stylist-Benjamin Galopin cannot be found on the World Wide Web, but watch for more of his work. After seeing these dresses, I'm sure you're hungry for more.
Last but not least if you want more info on the dresses in this post, click here.

Ok my lovelies, this is Gigi, signing off.
Till next time...

Monday, October 23, 2006

Guess What...It's the Blog Special!!!

By now I'm sure the one or two bloggers who actually ever liked my blog have given up on the hope that I would ever return to the World Wide Web, but...I'm back and better than ever!!! Doing a nine to five school day is really hard but I'm telling you, for real...I won't disappear again.
As promised, the blog special is here. While I was going through the blogs on my links list, I became increasingly disturbed to see just how many of you have dropped off the the face of the earth or changed into a totally different blog overnight. Therefore, I'm sad to say, I'm only featuring four blogs in this post, but never fear! There will be more blog posts in the future.
And now, the envelope please....(these aren't in any particular order, just in case you were wondering)

Blog #1: Allure Fashion
From runway fashion to celebrity style, Allure Fashion has it all. The clothes she features are cool enough that you aren't thinking, "Wonderful! Walmart wedges", but are usually low enough on the price scale that you aren't thinking, "Yeah! More expensive clothing that I could never afford". Even more high-end fashions that are featured on this blog have that fashion essence that makes them fantastic, if not an ideal purchase then at least a great idea. The ankle boots at right are a perfect example of the kind of fabulous design Allure Fashion features. I'll bet anything that every one of you is lusting after those shoes.

Blog #2: Be Amazing, Be Jealous (Pink Balloons)
If I had one word to sum up this blog it would have to be yummy. Be Amazing, Be Jealous reminds me more of cotton candy than a certain neon colored inflatable, the fashions and makeup so deliciously feminine and chic, you'll want to savor each post slowly before going shopping for all of the delectable items featured. Recently BABJ did a makeup post, something I hope she does more of in the future ;) Trust me, if you check out his blog, you will be jealous. Just one note: you might know this blog by its old name Pink Balloon. Same great blog, great new name.

Blog #3: A Fabulous Fashion Blog
I'd say the best thing about this blog is that it accomplishes something rarely seen on most fashion blogs: it's eclectic, yet classic. You won't see straight goth, straight girly, straight...anything on this blog. A little bit of everything would be the perfect way to describe its contents. An added bonus: frugal, but fashionable, finds. Definitely one to keep in mind before your next trip to the mall.

Blog #4: Turns to Dust
This blog is the online equivalent of a poetry corner or your favorite coffee house. From books to music, this blog basically covers everything. Plus they have a weekly fashion love or hate it. Personally, I'm all love.

That's it for this post, but I'll be back soon with more. Visit these blogs, you won't be sorry. And, if you want, email me about your own, just click on my profile and you'll find ways to contact me :)

I'm pleased as punch, and pretty as a princess!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Curly Gurl

Before I do my huge fashion blog post (which is taking me a little while to get together), I thought I thought I'd do a post on curly hair. After looking through this month's issue of Seventeen and noticing that they didn't offer any hair styles or good products for curly girls, I figured I had to offer my services forth to my spiral sisters.
Just to warn you, as much as we all want to believe in what magazines say, from now on, you CANNOT follow any hair advice you read in magazines. Same goes for anyone who tells you to use shampoo.
Ha, you're already shocked and grossed out, but if you're a curly girl, you'll probably try anything. Read on for the basics to curly hair and where to buy the curly girl bible.

Rules of Curly Hair:
1. You must not shampoo it. The detergents in shampoo, as you may have noticed, are causing your curly hair to be VERY FRIZZY. Not a big surprise when that sodium laureth sulfate from your LAUNDRY DETERGENT is the main ingredient in your number one hair product.
2. You must condition and use your conditioner as a shampoo. Do this by massaging your scalp the same way you would with shampoo, except that now, your scalp will be getting cleaned out and hydrated instead of fried to a crisp.
3. No more brushes. Finger brush only
4. Use a curl cream with gel, not a pomade or wax

Now that every belief you ever had about curly hair has been shattered. Recuperate, re-educate. Save your hair. Buy this book

While you're at it, you might want to buy this hair creme by Bumble and Bumble. One word. Amazing.

Now it's up to you grasshopper.
Time to curl up and dye!

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Funky Frugal Finds

Lately I've noticed that we're all covering the same websites, that we're all talking about the same trends. Everyone's trying to get attention for their blog, but on the flipside, no one's giving any back. I mean, with school starting, who has the time?
I get out of school at 5:20. P.M. Consider that, and then ask yourself, "Do I have the time?". Um, unless you're one of those fabulously annoying AP kids, YA DO. So, here are a few little items I thought might mix things up a bit.
This tee shirt is from a website I saw on one of my favorite new fashion blogs, Pink Balloons. I have to say, this was the only tee that I found which wasn't blatently crude (except for the one Pink featured), but if you want to cruise the website where I found it, here it is.
In my opinion, these Mary Janes are the coolest kicks in the cave...or at the least the most original. Get 'em while they're hot (or at least glazed) by clicking here.
Last but not least, for your room, for your wardrobe, I bring you...monkey stencils! Actually, in case you haven't noticed Urban Outfitters carries a wide variety of stencils (including designs not involving primates) for surprisingly low costs. If you're dying to redo an old tee shirt, click here.

Now, for an announcement. My next post will feature every fashion blog I can find. That means yours and probably all your friends', who can even email me anything specific you or they want me to say about your blogs by clicking here! The ultimate PR for your blog is coming soon. Be prepared...

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Head Over Heels

God, I missed you guys. Can you believe that my school assigned three book reports for me to turn in on the first day of school? I don't know about you guys, but the fact that homework can be assigned during the summer seems like craziness to me. Never fear. No matter how much homework is assigned this school year, fashion will be victorious. This blog shall go on!

Here are some of my favorite heels for fall. And guess what? They're all under $50!

If your school dresscode allows for these...then I love your school! Otherwise these flats are awesome for weekends, concerts, and pretty much any place you know you won't run into your high school's principal.

These are very Tara Subakoff. Plus, don't you love the color? Platforms never looked so good.
Classic stilettos in white look great with denim. Dress 'em up or dress 'em down, these star-print flats look good with pretty much anything.
Last but not least, these Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane remakes come in black and white, plus they're casual enough for school.

Speaking of shoes, I am proud to announce that I knew about it before any other fashion blog and featured the designer before the collection even came out. Abate is making a line of shoes for Payless! . Unlike the new lines at Nine West, everyone can afford these shoes. Coming soon!

I also found this awesome website called CoCo and Delilah: New York. They sell clothes from well known brands like Miss Sixty and Frankie B. plus some obscure names like Smashing Grandpa or Taverniti So (which has the best jeans). WARNING: These clothes are kinda expensive.

Last but not least, this pin from the Hard Rock cafe is perfect for a messenger bag or backpack. Buy it from their website.

Toodles (but not for long!),

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I Know I Said There'd Be a Part 2, But...

I'm sorry. It's just too darn fun to talk about expensive, unattainable items. Use these items as inspiration for your own designs, not as fall neccessities (that is, unless you can spend more on a wallet than my entire year's clothes budget!).
As we all know, Juicy Couture is teeter-tottering on that fine line between overpriced surburbian attire and classic with a flair. After scouring their entire website, I found these shoes.

I could savor these shoes like a Grey Goose martini (if a. I were legal and b. I could afford the martini, much less the shoes).
Find the first shoe at:
  • Juicy Wedge
  • Find the second one at:
  • Juicy Boot

  • Speaking of grey...that's the first color I used to think of when I thought of cashmere. Not true now. These bright beauties by Autumn Cashmere have inspired in me a new love of wool. Although these are probably extremely expensive, I wouldn't know seeing as the website offers very little info as to where to buy their clothing. Sorry guys.

    If you want, go search their website:
  • Autumn Cashmere
  • You're searching in vain.
    Last but not least, I'm sure all of you have heart about London Sole and their addictive flats. Their website is like being in a shoe candy store. They have every kind of flat in every color of the rainbow (and more), but sadly, their idea of a sale is $90. Honestly, I wouldn't frown upon anyone shelling out the money for one of these cuties, but don't blame me if you find that you can't buy just one.
    Cue the addiciton:
  • London Sole

  • Hopefully all of you have the self-restraint to not go out and spend your entire life savings on sweaters and shoes (yeah, right!). I sure don't.
    May all of us come into an inheritence in the near future (I don't know how we'll survive without it).