Sunday, August 20, 2006

I Know I Said There'd Be a Part 2, But...

I'm sorry. It's just too darn fun to talk about expensive, unattainable items. Use these items as inspiration for your own designs, not as fall neccessities (that is, unless you can spend more on a wallet than my entire year's clothes budget!).
As we all know, Juicy Couture is teeter-tottering on that fine line between overpriced surburbian attire and classic with a flair. After scouring their entire website, I found these shoes.

I could savor these shoes like a Grey Goose martini (if a. I were legal and b. I could afford the martini, much less the shoes).
Find the first shoe at:
  • Juicy Wedge
  • Find the second one at:
  • Juicy Boot

  • Speaking of grey...that's the first color I used to think of when I thought of cashmere. Not true now. These bright beauties by Autumn Cashmere have inspired in me a new love of wool. Although these are probably extremely expensive, I wouldn't know seeing as the website offers very little info as to where to buy their clothing. Sorry guys.

    If you want, go search their website:
  • Autumn Cashmere
  • You're searching in vain.
    Last but not least, I'm sure all of you have heart about London Sole and their addictive flats. Their website is like being in a shoe candy store. They have every kind of flat in every color of the rainbow (and more), but sadly, their idea of a sale is $90. Honestly, I wouldn't frown upon anyone shelling out the money for one of these cuties, but don't blame me if you find that you can't buy just one.
    Cue the addiciton:
  • London Sole

  • Hopefully all of you have the self-restraint to not go out and spend your entire life savings on sweaters and shoes (yeah, right!). I sure don't.
    May all of us come into an inheritence in the near future (I don't know how we'll survive without it).


    Mixed & Matched said...

    The second cahmere sweater, with the pockets, is my favorite. You're right, your examples are all nice twists on the traditional cashmere

    I'm still undecided on how I feel about Juicy as a brand; I think I'm leaning toward overpriced suburban attire minus the flair.

    OpuLav said...

    Sooo true! What would our lives be full of if not dreaming about owning an entire wardrobe by Marc Jacobs or Juicy!?

    me =]